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Omroep / Broadcaster
Joodse Omroep
  Regie / Direction
Gideon Levy

Why Do They Hate Us? - Part 2

It has been a turbulent summer: another Gaza crisis, a Muslim caliphate was established in Nigeria and Syria, ISIS executions videos went all over the world, and there has been a demonstration of pro IS supporters where anti-semitic slogans were shouted in Schilderswijk (neighborhood in Den Hague, Holland). Before there was an attack at a museum in Brussel.

In the first documentary of “Why Do They Hate Us? Gideon Levy studied the influences of worldnews on the Jewish community. In the second documentary, Gideon travels down to Israël to continue his research. Do the Dutch Jews feel save in Israël? How will they see and feel the wars, terrorist attacks, and the always present threat? Will the Dutch Jewish people, who live in Israël, be better off? Why Do They Hate Us?, two documentary films about fear. How it can make your life or transform your life.