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Omroep / Broadcaster

LEVY & the Last Nazis: part 6


THE CASE AGAINST NAZI SIERT BRUINS REOPENED- In the last episode we find out that after the making of LEVY & the Last Nazis the German Government has reopened the case of 91 year old war criminal Siert Bruins, aka "the Beast of Appingedam. The research for the re-opened case focusses on Bruins possible involvement in killing members of the resistance in Groningen at the end of the war.

What the Dutch government could not succeed at in over 60 years seems to be finally solved by 1 visit of Levy’s camera crew. German public prosecutor of Dortmund Andreas Brendel supervises the research of this reopened case.

The research focuses among other things on the assassination of resistance member Baltus Timmer and the execution of resistance member Aldert Klaas Dijkema, in 1944.

After the war Bruins got sentenced to death penalty by the Dutch court for multiple executions in World War II. But Bruins escaped to Germany and lived the life of a free man until 1980. Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal made sure he got arrested by the German police in this year. The German court sentenced 7 years of imprisonment for Bruins due to complicity to murdering the Jewish brother Sleutelberg on the 25th of April 1945 in Dutch city Delfzijl. Bruins was released in 1985. Request for the extradition of Bruins to the Netherlands by ministers Donner and Hirsch Ballin failed. 

With all the facts and a running camera it seems that this piece of lost history is rediscovered.