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Omroep / Broadcaster

LEVY & the Last Nazis: part 3


The third episode revolves around choices that people make. Why does one choose to join the resistance and why does one choose to join the German SS?
Gideon Levy visits the 104-year old resistance hero Johan van Hulst. During World War II he was the principal of an elementary school in Amsterdam. Via this school hundreds of Jewish children were smuggled into hide away homes.  

Gideon also observes a special experiment at the Free University of Amsterdam. After World War II a lot of research has been done about the origin of evil and the role of our conscience. Notorious are the experiments of Milgram and the Stanford Prison Experiment. In this series we see how professor Paul Lange researches how people react to authority and where boundaries lie when they are being pushed too far. The research shows that the majority is still inclined to do what they are asked, even if they do not agree with the requests.