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Omroep / Broadcaster

LEVY: Bonuses

The disturbed bonus culture is claimed to be one of the main causes of the financial crisis of past years. High bonuses that were promised to the bankers have had a big impact on their focuses and motivations. Because of the big bonus system, bankers lost the eye for potential risks and the needs of the client.

But how big the actual impact of the bonus culture in the development of the crisis has been, and how we have to ensure that the bonuses do not back out of hand, are questions that still remains to be answered. Levy wonders what the relationship between bonuses and risk behavior among the bankers is, and if the Banking Code, which was created to reduce such risks, is enough protection against the bankers of tomorrow. Levy explores the relationship between bonuses and risky behavior and observes if the new phenomenon of “code banks” reduces these risks and offers us enough protection for bankers in the future.