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Omroep / Broadcaster

LEVY & the Last Nazis: part 1


Escaped Dutch Nazis, convicted by the Dutch court for their crimes, but living in freedom in Germany for over 60 years. How could this happen? LEVY & the Last Nazis takes a stand against the sketchy manners of the legal authorities but also against the Dutch and German Governments. The importance of maintaining a good relationship with Germany and an old Nazi law seem to be more important than justice. It seems that our morals were constantly sacrificed for these reasons. What does this imply about our culture and where will this lead us to?

In the new six-part series ‘LEVY & the Last Nazis’, Gideon Levy leaves no stone unturned in his efforts to uncover the turn of events that led to two war criminals living in freedom for over 60 years. He delves into (secret) archives, interviews prosecutors, and follows the trail of old war-criminal Bruins and the then still living Faber.

At the Bundestag, Levy confronts German politicians with his findings. How can a German Nazi law from 1943 is still be in effect? What have the Germans done to make things right in the eyes of the law?