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Omroep / Broadcaster
Joodse Omroep (Dutch Jewish Network)

Israel, Inbetween Dreams & Reality

A six-part documentary series in which the Dutch journalist Gideon Levy travels through Israel. We follow Levy by every step visiting army bases, conscientious objectors, Arab families, the rich, the poor, settlers, secular activists, Ethiopians, and many others. Israel as you have never seen it before, with chance encounters and probing interviews with among others Writer David Grosman.

"Never was I so scared as when our youngest son served as a war tank commander during the second Lebanon war. Existential fear it was. At night I listened if passing cars stopped. You know exactly what happens when things go wrong: a car stops. A doctor, officer and social worker step out of the car and will come to tell you that your son is no longer alive. I did not dare to talk about it, not even with my wife. Later I heard from others that they had the exact same thing. It’s like your suddenly superstitious.”

We’ll take a look at the first episode of the six part series Israel, between dream and reality, and we see the worried face of the native Dutch psychologist Danny Brom who left the Netherlands because he felt unsafe in the small Dutch-Jewish community. "That fear, no one seemed to mind. That's troubling, but here it is awfully dangerous as well. Soldiers here are prepared for death. A print is made from their teeth, they get an iron plate in both footwear and around their necks. This happens because they will know which foot belongs to who as their limbs scattered all over the place". 

"Levy listens and creates a multicolored palette of complex and recalcitrant Israel. The series give a good perspective and reflection of Israel and can be justifiably seen as accurate reflection of the emotional history of Israel; left, right, Sephardi, Ashkenazi, Arabic, pious, secular, Ethiopian or Yemeni, conscientious, soldier, rich or poor - can say this movie belongs to them. Because ‘Israel, between dream and reality’ is about all of them. 

6 episodes 40 min. Broadcasted on Dutch Public TV in 2010, for the Dutch Jewish Network & Blazhoffski. Written & directed By Gideon Levy