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Omroep / Broadcaster

The Lobbyists

The elections in the United States in 2004. Gideon Levy and Bahram Sadeghi choose an unorthodox working method of lobbying for 1 opponent. In these elections they outspokenly lobby for George W. Bush, hence the name “The Lobbyists.” In 6 episodes they travel through the country that is in conflict with itself.

In the last episode Levy and Sadeghi end up in Iron Lighting, a small town in North Dakota. Life in this reserve is rough and hopeless. One of the few ways to get out is by joining the army. During their stay in Iron Lightning, the Vietnam war and the Iraq war melt together to form the impressive stories and family history of the residents of this reserve, characterized by trailer parks and small windy wooden houses. Despite the USA being the land of “equal opportunities”, there seems to be no escape from the poverty in the land of the free.