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Omroep / Broadcaster

Construction Fraud

In this series of Burning issues, journalist and filmmaker Gideon Levy explores the concept of power and power structures.

In the second episode he examines why Ad Bos, aka the whistleblower of the Dutch building fraud affair, is still being prosecuted by the Dutch State while most major builders never had to appear in court.

Is this a case of an "old boys network" of builders, politicians and magistrates that protect each other?

"Do not settle but prosecute 'was the motto of ministers and representatives when the construction fraud was discovered in 2001. The opposite happened. Levy begins his search to find the source of why this happened. What does it say about the power in the Netherlands, the prevailing morality among the builders, the judiciary and politics?
A special role is laid out for Elco Brinkman, one of the most powerful men in the Netherlands. “Burning issues” profiles this powerful magnate, as you have never seen him before.